Like father, like son.

【執筆/台科大應用外語系助理教授 黃玟 君】

這句諺語直譯是「像父親,像兒子」,意思很簡單明瞭,就是「虎父虎子,犬父犬子;虎父無犬子。」這句話通常用在形容一對父子在某方面很相像,當然,這句諺語也可寫成:Like mother, like daughter.(有其母必有其女),用來形容一對母女在某方面很相像。這句諺語可以用在正面或負面的事情上面,不過用在負面的情況較多。例如一個父親雖位居高官,卻貪贓枉法、腐敗不堪,結果其兒子跟老爸差不多,洗錢、隱匿海外資產樣樣都來,這時我們便可以感嘆:唉,這兩人果然like father, like son


A: Ken and his dad practically came from the same mold. B: True. They not only look eerily alike, they also share the same interests. A: I heard that they both like fine dining, enjoying good wine, and admiring beautiful ladies.

B: Yep. That's not all; they're also both very successful in their careers.

A: I heard that when Ken's dad was young his temper was like Ken's now--snappy!

B: It's like they say: Like father, 1ike son.


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