All good things come to an end.

【聯合報執筆/台科大應用外語系助理教授 黃玟 君】2009/06/21  

這句諺語直譯是「所有美好的事物都會結束」,意思是感嘆天下無不散之筵席,再好的朋友、再美的時光,都有曲終人散的時候。這句諺語也可說成:Everything has an end.Everything comes to an end.

最近又到了鳳凰花開、驪歌響起的季節,相信很多人在過去幾年的國中、高中、大學生涯裡,都有許多美好的回憶,不僅增長了智識,也結交了朋友,然而all good things come to an end,這是永遠不變的道理。要記得畢業並不代表學業的結束,而是邁向另一個里程碑的開始,希望大家互相勉勵:百尺竿頭,更進一步,讓我們各自奔向光明的前程!


A:I can't believe that we are going to graduate!

B:Yeah...We have some good memories from these past three years.

A:Let's see... We got two homeroom teachers so pissed off that they left, Sean got expelled for fighting, and John got a demerit for stealing...

B:But we also won two championships in sports competitions, and we participated in the drama contest.

A:I really don't want to graduate. I wish we could all go to the same college.

B: "All good things come to an end." And I bet university will be even more exciting than high school.


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